bioRemedies MD Announces New Adjunct Therapies for Immunity and Inflammation

Press Release:

University of Maryland and bioRemedies MD partner in CBD discovery

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2022 / — Today, bioRemedies MD announced the launch of a new product line which is targeted to boost immunity and reduce inflammation. The line is supported by a report on the scientific benefits of combining herbal and cannabinoid (CBD) therapies issued by the Maryland University School of Integrated Health’s (MUIH) Herbal Product Design program.

“The Maryland University School of Integrated Health’s work strengthens the evidential narrative for the benefits of adjunct therapies derived from phytocannabinoids in combination with herbal remedies,” said Patrick Kelly, Managing Partner and founding member of bioRemedies MD. “Their effort to provide scientific validation and product placement support to companies, such as bioRemedies, in the herbal and cannabis marketplace is incredibly valuable.”

The study was completed by graduate students under the direction of Dr. Bhodi Tims, Director of the Herbal Product Design and Cannabis Science programs at MUIH, and with the support of faculty. As part of the final coursework in the Master’s in Herbal Product Design program, students work with companies facing real world challenges to provide peer reviewed evidence in support of particular therapies and effective decision-making matrixes that help the company identify best-fit solutions for their current development point.

“bioRemedies MD‘s work is helping to elevate the use of cannabinoids as medical therapeutic treatments,” said Dr.Bhodi Tims. “By partnering with companies like bioRemedies, our program is able to advance the understanding of the benefits of CBD and support the development of products and the market.”

In a pre-clinical study surrounding cannabinoids (CBD), a team led by University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Dr Ciaran Skerry, Phd has conducted pre-clinical research on mice utilizing a proprietary, custom blended CBD isolate from bioRemedies MD to understand the cannabinoid interactions surrounding whooping cough.

Preliminary findings are promising, noting a significant reduction in two key inflammatory cytokines, Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNF) and Interferon gamma (IFN-g). The ability of bioRemedies MD proprietary CBD has demonstrated that the TNF and IFN-g levels may assist with other inflammatory disorders.

bioRemedies MD is committed to developing adjunct therapies to reduce anxiety, boost the immune system, and reduce inflammation. Each of the company’s pharmaceutical grade and tested products are manufactured to ensure their quality, efficacy, and safety. bioRemedies MD’s enhanced drug delivery technology allows for a fast uptake with maximum absorption that deliver the required dosage for effective results.

About bioRemedies MD

Located in the University of Maryland BioPark in downtown Baltimore, bioRemedies MD entered the adjunct therapy market in 2013. Their therapies continue to lead to cutting-edge treatments for real world diseases and conditions. Recently, bioRemedies MD and Dr. David Dalton, CEO of UNIVEC Conglomerate Inc., established a a breakthrough partnership to offer adjunct, safe therapies for pain, anxiety and sleep disorders in the behavioral health setting in Maryland. For more information visit
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