PURE CBG Gummies 750mg


Our PURE CBG Gummies are 25mg each and fantastic for daytime use when you need a cognitive boost.  Give yourself an opportunity to focus before or during a stressful day and stay on task, or ease your nerves and trigger points.  These delicious gummies are made with high quality farm grown hemp extract and formulated with natural ingredients to ensure a delightful taste and experience.  Try these super-powered gummies and get the relief you deserve!

Assorted Flavors
Each Gummy Contains: 25mg CBG

Made with all natural ingredients
Gluten Free
Dairy Free

Ingredients: Tapioca and/or Corn Syrup, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Hemp- Derived Cannabinoid Extract, Natural Flavor, Natural Color, Coconut Oil.

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