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Our extraordinarily effective topicals, formulated with 50mg of CBD per 1oz container (rubCBD), and 25mg per 10mL bottle (rolCBD).  Available in Wintergreen, Unscented, and Lavender. Intended for mild-to-moderate localized pain and inflammation.

rubCBD Sport & rolCBD Sport

All of the active ingredients found in our rubCBD and rolCBD, but in professional strength! Formulated with 300mg of CBD per 1oz container (rubCBD), and 100mg of CBD per 10mL (rolCBD). Intended for severe localized pain and inflammation. Now available in warming sensation (Sport) or cooling sensation (Cool Sport).

rubCBD healing balm

Our highly moisturizing Healing Balm, formulated with 100mg of CBD per 1oz container, and 300mg of CBD per 3oz container. Intended for inflamed/itchy skin.

Our exceptionally versatile addCBD drops can be taken sublingually, orally, or consumed, and include a minimum of 50mg of CBD per 10mL. Available in the flavors Plain Jane (very earthy) or Peppermint, and in two effects – Sativa (elating) and Indica (sedating). Intended for systemic pain and inflammation, as well as anxiety and stress.

addCBD- Just CBD

Our ever popular addCBD sublingual drops are now available with 0% THC! Mildly flavored with our terpene blends of either Sativa (elating effect) or Indica (sedating effect). Intended to systemic pain and inflammation, as well as anxiety and stress.

Our highly effective oral drops are specially formulated for both cats and dogs to ease anxiety and pain. Our delicious protein-based dog treats are available in our Daily Joint Health and Calm & Composed formulations