Keep Moving, Pain Free

Try our CBD Products for the Active Athlete.

Our products will lessen muscular pain allowing you to go the distance for each heat. CBD aids in the growth and repair of injured tissues and can help to enhance both short and long-term recovery from intense exercise.

Why Athletes Use CBD

  • Fight Inflammation & Combat Oxidative Damage
  • Enhance Blood Flow
  • Protect Brain Health & Function
  • Improve Focus & Reduce Stress
  • Relieve Pain

Fight Inflammation & Combat Oxidative Damage

BioRemedies rubCBD CoolSport with new formula

rubCBD Sport

Cooling | 300-900mg

Products for the Active Athlete Lifestyle

Intense exercise triggers the release of compounds known as free radicals. Free radicals can cause cell damage, loss of muscle function, and result in an inflammatory response. Our professional strength cooling sensation rub includes 19 proven remedies for targeting pain and inflammation, plus additional natural skin moisturizers and vitamins!

BioRemedies rubCBD sports with new formula

rubCBD Sport

Warming | 300-900mg

Face Off With Confidence

Enhance your blood flow. Poor circulation can cause unpleasant symptoms such as pain, muscle cramps and numbness throughout the body. Athletes and active individuals benefit from increased blood flow stimulated by CBD to improve exercise performance and recovery. Our Warming Sensation is perfect for the serious athlete suffering from severe muscle fatigue and joint pain.

rubCBD Relief Salve

Unscented | 500-1000mg

Find the Rhythm of Your Swing

Try our new unscented rub! Our 500mg and 1000mg Relief Salve is formulated to help relieve joint, muscle and bone aches and pains without the cooling or warming sensation. The salve also adds moisture for dry skin conditions while providing botanical ingredients that reduce inflammation and promote blood flow to relieve pain sensations.

Innovation Through Formulation!

We hold our products to a higher standard because you do the same for your body. Our base compound is a potent byproduct of crystallization and makes our formulations uniquely concentrated. We use ingredients tailored to meet the health and fitness goals of today’s modern athlete. Our products are THC-Free, Contaminant-Free, and safe for adolescent use. Our new and improved formulations contain advanced terpene profiles tailored to boost endurance, enhance performance, and improve circulation so you can train harder!

See What Others Are Saying

“As a rugby player, I’ve used your sport CBD products and what a difference it makes. Minimizing injury is a big deal and this product helps me to keep pushing!”
~ James P., Columbia, MD

Over 5 years in CBD Management

Founded in 2014 and headquartered at the University of Maryland BioPark, we develop, market, and distribute innovative CBD products, while advancing the research and therapeutic benefits that CBD products promote.

We are uniquely positioned for future innovations with a fully developed product line, a local brand and marketing presence, regional wholesale distribution, existing relationships with the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and a Maryland-based retail store network.