What is CannaSolvtechnology?

CannaSolv™ is an enhancement that makes it possible to achieve increased absorption of beneficial cannabis solutions in the body. When combined with CBD, Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Delta 9, THC and additional extracts from Cannabis or Hemp- CannaSolv™ works with them to enter your system quickly and efficiently. The result is faster relief, with longer lasting effects.

The enhanced therapy delivery system was created to benefit absorption. This allows insoluble and insufficiently absorbed actives in the body. Our Cannasolv™ system makes cannabinoids become water-soluble, which creates a protective barrier from both your body’s digestion, as well as cellular degeneration. 

What makes CannaSolv™ special?

All of specially formulated enhanced use this unique technology to work within your body faster and more effectively than other CBD based products.

  • CannaSolv™ makes cannabinoids water-soluble and establishes a barrier from digestion and cellular degradation, resulting in a faster uptake, as well as longer lasting effects in the body.
  • With CannaSolv™ you can reap seriously superior therapeutic benefits with significantly less product.

Interested in trying CannaSolv™ enhanced therapies for yourself?