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The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes CBD as neither a dietary supplement nor a drug, which means there are no federally recognized protocols for testing the quality or strength of the CBD-cannabinoid. Additionally, there is no specified means of extracting the CBD from the plant. As such, the market has been flooded with companies, providing so-called CBD-hemp oil products that contain a fraction of the advertised amount.

bioRemedies MD ensures pharmaceutical-grade testing of all products

Although some growers, dispensaries, and manufacturers test their product for the chemical composition of THC and CBD, as well as for harmful microbes, pesticides, and heavy metals, these tests are lacking regulations, standards, and federal oversight. In some cases, laboratories receive a sample, and simply charge a fee, without having to prove they know what they’re doing. And because there are no regulations enforcing testing, nor audits ensuring accuracy, labs are incentivized to provide favorable results. Upon arrival at our facility, bioRemedies MD acquires pharmaceutical-grade, third-party tests of our hemp oil for contaminants, such as heavy metals and pesticides. Once the oil has been cleared, it is then combined with our proprietary blend of terpenes and plant extracts to create our various product lines. We then test our products a second time to ensure the cannabinoid content, specifically the CBD percentage, is as advertised.

bioRemedies MD third-party tests

Hemp is a “bio-accumulator”, meaning it naturally pulls toxins, and heavy metals from the soil. We at bioRemedies MD third-party test each batch of our CBD oil for toxins, heavy metals, and to determine the exact chemical composition (to include CBD, THC, CBC, CBG, CBN, and terpenes). Large quantities of industrial hemp are required to extract a small amount of CBD, thereby raising the risk of toxic contaminants. Therefore, testing oil batches is imperative, and third-party testing from an established facility ensures accuracy.

bioRemedies MD uses CO2 extraction

There are several means of extracting CBD, each with their own pros and cons. Neurotoxic solvents, such as butane and hexane, not only create potential hazards with their explosiveness, but they can also leave compromising residues, affecting the user’s immune system. Ethanol and olive oil are inexpensive methods of extraction, but ethanol can destroy the plant’s waxes, and olive oil is perishable. CO2 extractions, the most complicated and expensive of the three methods, uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to isolate and preserve the CBD oil. If done correctly, the end product is clean, safe, and free of plant matter.

bioRemedies MD adds only organic terpenes and plant extracts to our CBD products

The market is flooded with CBD products which include a variety of different additives, solvents, and flavoring agents. Many of which are benign, but some are potentially dangerous, especially upon inhalation. As an example, propylene glycol (an exceedingly popular thinning agent found in Consuming oils) upon being exposed to high heat, can transform into tiny polymers, which can greatly aggravate lung tissue. The FDA has deemed propylene glycol safe for ingestion and topical use, but not for inhalation, yet it is included in nearly all hemp-derived, CBD Consuming oils. Various sublingual products are based in hemp oil, olive oil, or vegetable glycerin, all which are harmless when ingested, but rarely available at the necessary concentrations for optimal absorption. We at bioRemedies MD include only the highest quality, organic terpenes, which work synergistically with our CBD oil for enhanced benefits, as well as naturally occurring plant extracts and essential oils to further heighten the effects of our oils, sublinguals, topicals, and pet products.


bioRemedies MD is the only company adding additional terpenes to our full-spectrum, hemp-derived, CBD products to further heighten the anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects of CBD!

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