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addCBD Just CBD – Sativa

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Organic, CBD-isolate, hemp-derived crystallite (0% THC), combined with terpenes, and MCT oil, creating a mild terpene flavor, and an exceedingly versatile product. Highly concentrated with 500mg of CBD per 10mL , our addCBD can be taken sublingually, consumed, or added to your favorite food or beverage. Anti-anxietyantioxidant, and anti-inflammatory all in one bottle!

Ingredients: MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil, cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, proprietary terpene blend (sativa).
Our proprietary blend of terpenes work synergistically with CBD, and result in their own therapeutic effects, such as anti-inflammation and heightened alertness, as well as elevated mood and relief from stress. Our addCBD – Sativa is our elating and energizing option (best for mornings) for combating anxietypain, and inflammation.
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2 reviews for addCBD Just CBD – Sativa

  1. Jennifer

    This oil was recommended from the wellness spa I go to for acupuncture. I started dosing my son (10 years old) who has High Functioning Autism, ADHD and massive anxiety. We’ve had countless outbursts and meltdowns in school with several interventions. It is a game changer for him! We have tried everything from diet, to medication and nothing helped. Since dosing with this oil, he was a finalist in his schools spelling bee (something he NEVER would have even participated in) he was able to get up on stage and maintain his composure. He’s receivers several awards for his participation in class and has been much more social! I recommend this 10000%. It has changed my sons world 🙂

  2. Leah Nix (verified owner)

    This oil is the highest quality CBD and helps me with sleeping and fibromyalgia pain. It improves my quality of life! I recommend this product to everyone I can.

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